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Strategic Insurance Brokers sponsors 7th NAFILIA Congress

Strategic Insurance Brokers (SIB), would be taking the seventh Congress of the National Forum for Life Insurance Advisors to a new level this year, extending the benefits of an “International Broking Partnership” for the Congress.

The Congress would receive a sponsorship package that befits SIB, the undisputed leader in life insurance brokering in the country. With a Broker Market Share of 10% as of year 2015, SIB has now for a considerable time, been the number one group and pure life insurance broker in Sri Lanka.

The 7th Life Insurance Congress would be the apt venue to celebrate this númerouno status in the life insurance field, by a partnership of this event which brings together around a thousand of Sri Lanka's top life insurance sales persons.

The Congress which is getting underway on August 19 under the theme 'The day all Sri Lankans are insured', embodies everything that SIB as a brokering company, has worked for and achieved.

To achieve a broker market share of 2 digits percent as of 2015 SIB has worked towards achieving exactly what the Congress theme stands for insurance for all in Sri Lanka. At our speed of giving out policies, we achieved 'the future, now.'

How we worked for that goal, and what is embodied by our credo, is something that everyone who attends the Congress at the BMICH would be able to learn.

As the official partner of the Congress, we would make our presence felt, for the benefit of the industry at the Congress venue, the BMICH.

All attendees would know and benefit from knowledge on how our brand worked towards the goal of insurance for all uninsured in Sri Lanka, for instance, from the threat of national catastrophes.

Strategic Insurance Brokers is a subsidiary Company of Crescent Global South Asia, with both companies coming under the same umbrella of corporate leadership. Crescent Global’s range of Insurance products do not leave room for clients to go scrambling for alternatives, because the products list is comprehensive.

Insurance, Reinsurance, Risk Consulting, Employee Benefits, Human Capital Consulting, Risk Engineering and Supply Chain Management Consulting services to private and public entities, and consumer marketplace, local insurers and re-insurers services, are the products offered by the Group. In other worlds, Insurance for all in Sri Lanka.

This drive for comprehensive coverage makes it absolutely clear that we live by our credo.

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