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Local and Global Expertise & Experience

Strategic Insurance Brokers (Pvt) Ltd (SIB) is a global leader in Insurance and Reinsurance broking and risk management, based in Sri Lanka. We help clients from Sri Lanka and all over the world to quantify and manage risks to unlock new opportunities for growth.

With our origins spanning over several decades, we have diverse experience operating as a registered insurance broker in Sri Lanka. We manage insurance affairs of insurance companies, individuals, financial institutions and other corporate entities in Sri Lanka.

In today’s increasingly dynamic and changing insurance market, SIB helps our clients to thrive and survive. Our expert financial and risk consultants help clients to anticipate, quantify and fully understand the range of risks they face. We work with clients both big and small, helping them define, design and deliver innovative solutions to better quantify and manage risk.

We truly bring a powerful combination of deep intellectual capital, industry specific expertise, global experience and collaboration to every client interaction.

That is why all of our clients trust us for risk management, risk consulting, insurance broking and insurance program management services in Sri Lanka.



SIB’s vast affiliations with the international broker network ensures global know-how and expertise to serve clients seamlessly in several countries.


Our comprehensive local services  with global expertise ensures innovative and intelligent solutions to our clients with numerous insurance and risk requirements operating across various territories.



We make it a priority to understand every detail of our clients’ businesses and work in partnership with you to provide a complete service.


We’re happy to handle your insurance portfolio and provide the necessary advice and guidance to ensure that you receive the best terms according to coverage and cost.


We take special care in respect of claims and arrangements for speedy settlements.



SIB nurtures a client-centric environment, focusing on delivering a positive experience for the customer based on their individual needs and circumstances.


Our service focused approach is led by our multilingual, capable servicing team (English, Sinhala and Tamil).



As one of the top insurance broking companies in Sri Lanka, SIB is registered under the Insurance Board of Sri Lanka.


We provide both independent advice and creative solutions for all lines of insurance as well as Risk Management for Retail, Commercial and Institutional clients.


Our senior officers who form part of the staff have decades of experience and a wealth of knowledge in all lines of insurance.


OUR MISSION: Delivering Innovation and Excellence

SIB provides risk management consultants, claims and recovery consultants, insurance and reinsurance consultants, insurance management consultants and carry out such functions as may be related thereto and peace of mind for our customers. We deliver innovation and excellence in all our products and services, and are dedicated to going beyond the expected in all that we do.

Why Choose Us
Mission & Vision

OUR VISION: Setting the Standard of Excellence

Our vision is to set the standard of excellence among insurance providers by being innovative and financially sound, and exceeding customer expectations. We will attract and retain the very best employees and agents to help us achieve this goal.

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