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Forward Conference ‘Cyber Protection from Digital 19 Outbreak” slotted for Dec 2

CAs’ parley with Strategic Insurance Brokers seeks opportunities out of pandemic

The Gold sponsorship of the Chartered Accountants (CAs) National Conference by Strategic Insurance Brokers (Sib)marks a new frontier equal to the launch of the novel concept of a National Conference in Sri Lanka by CAs four decades ago.  Sib is a leading Insurance and reinsurance Broker in Sri Lanka, empowered by Uniba Partners, the world’s leading client centric Global Broker network. The National Conference concept started in 1979 led to many other professional bodies in the country organizing similar annual national parleys to deliberate matters of professional importance and continuing professional development, of their own professional entities. The Chartered Accountants’ Annual Conference is now an event that’s regarded as the most influential business and finance strategy deliberation in the nation, attracting in excess of full capacity, around 2000 participants consistently. 

The Forward Conference hosted by SIB and Uniba Partners on ‘Cyber Protection from the Digital 19 Outbreak in the New Normal World’, is a timely and pertinent but unique first time feature this year.

‘Digital 19 Outbreak,’ and ‘Cyber Protection in the New Normal’ are the 2 presentations at the plenary sessions of the Forward Conference, signifying the Institute’s drive and dedication towards having the country see the ways out of the Covid-19 pandemic induced economic crisis.    

The Forward conference will be held on 2nd December, under the patronage of Chief Guest, State Minister of Money and Capital Market and State Enterprise Reforms, Ajith Nivard Cabraal. The Strategic Partner SIB with a strength of a century empowered by UNIBA Partners also functions as a Gold Sponsor of the 41st CA National Conference. 

The input of Mr. Cabraal who himself has been a Past President of CA SL and a founding organizer of this CA conference — now one of the chief architects of the plans for economic resurgence — is seen as a key pointer towards the orientation of this event, which is held in extraordinary times of economically induced stress.

“Businesses must realize that the pandemic-driven “new-normal” will demand a quick transformation to new processes and methods if they are to remain relevant”, said Minister Cabraal, making a broad brush statement about the Forward Conference, and predicting the way its agenda is set to intersect with the economic imperatives of the day. ‘Issues such as how and why Sri Lanka’s Corporates, and Banks are better prepared for operational resilience, should be deliberated and proper responses provided to the stakeholders,’ he added.

‘Cyber Protection is the only guarantor of economic sustainability in our wired age, and the relevance of the topic will harness the power of this brainstorming meet-up,’ said Indrajith Fernando, director Strategic Insurance Brokers .

‘Though the cyber insurance market is still young and growing exponentially, it’s now accepted such cover as a stand-alone indemnification separate from all other corporate covers, is imperative. The Forward Conference will emphasize this fact and discuss the transformations in the industry at large that have happened as a result’, Ramal Jasinghe a veteran in the industry said. 

The Forward conference Sessions will also be optimally webcast this year, as the conference gets underway at a time social distancing and other such factors that prevent more direct interactions are still in force, giving participants and others a starker picture of the general atmosphere of economic crisis in which the sessions are being held, Conference organizers said.

‘We do not however plan on a conference theme or structure that invites panic. On the contrary, we are pooling some of the most recognized resource-person talent that will empower an attitude of positivity that will help charter a new course in these palpably tough times,’ said Manil Jayesinghe, a President of the Institute.

Sib collaborates with Uniba Partners, the client-centered global brokering network.

Strategic Insurance  Brokers  (Pvt)  Ltd  (SIB)  is  a  global  leader  in  Insurance  and Reinsurance broking and risk management, based in Sri Lanka. The Company helps clients from Sri Lanka and especially those having international operations all over the world to quantify and manage risks to unlock new opportunities for growth.

With operations   spanning   over   several   decades, SIB which was founded by a leading conglomerate with over acentury of success, has   diverse   experience operating as anIRCSL registered Composite insurance and reinsurance broker in Sri Lanka. The company manages insurance and reinsurance affairs of insurance companies, individuals, financial institutions and other corporate entities in Sri Lanka.

CA Sri Lanka is committed towards developing the accounting profession by harnessing financial knowledge and best practices.

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